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A real Espresso coffee+Western dessert&
Chinese Tea+Dim Sum
Healthy and delicious meal bar
with creative fusion cuisine

We are committed to providing our customers various real Italian Espresso coffee and tea drinks. 

We serve variety of dim sum and cafe foods with the best selection of teas and western dessert, focus on bringing you healthy and delicious, as well as the charm of the great food and the feeling of happiness.


Supreme taste,
Impressive quality service

Italian Espresso Coffee

''Real Italian Espresso Coffee should have a thick, striped creamy froth, a powerful body, strong sweetness and a hint of bitterness. It should fill the nose with its open, floral aromas''. We use UCC's espresso coffee bean brand--Largo our customers supreme taste and impressive quality service

Chinese Tea

Jian Zhan, as a culture representative of black porcelain, is one of the eight famous porcelains of the Song Dynasty in China. We provide different kinds of Jian Zhan for you to choose to drink Chinese tea. Using Jian Zhan may help to preserve the heat for a long time and to improve the alkalinity in the tea liquid, so that to ensure the taste of tea, and also stimulate and enhance the aroma of the tea.

Dim Sum

The shape is as exquisite and beautiful as Japanese confectionery, bright and colorful; the taste is exquisite and diverse, both sweet and salty. Without any condiment, you may taste the deliciousness of the ingredients, which is endless aftertaste.


The best dining bar experience

At here you can experience the multi-cuisines restaurant foods, great coffee & tea, friendly staffs with cozy& elegant environment. We continue to provide the best dining and bar experience.


(You may see the mood of the store by above 360° photograph.)

(You may see the mood of the store by above 360° photograph.)




変更期間:2021年7月12日(月)~ 2021年8月22日(日)

変更期間:2021年6月21日(月)~ 2021年7月11日(日)
 ① 同一のグループの入店:2人以内
 ② 酒類提供の時間:11時から19時までの間
 ③ 利用者の滞在時間:90分以内

変更期間:2021年6月1日(火)~ 2021年6月20日(日)


変更期間:2021年5月12日(水)~ 2021年5月31日(月)


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